Friday, November 30, 2012

Egypt finalizes draft of constitution, Cairo braces for bigger demonstrations

Hot Air - As expected, Egypt’s ad-hoc constitutional panel approved a draft that enraged all but the Islamists on the committee to the extent that they withdrew in protest earlier. The passage of the proposal hasn’t helped Mohamed Morsi this morning, as even clerics denounced him in Friday prayers as a new pharaoh. CNN expects even bigger protests today after Egyptians leave their mosques — and tomorrow will be even more interesting as the Muslim Brotherhood launches counterprotests: 

The hasty nature of the call to approve the draft constitution added to Egyptian’s discontent.

The snap vote prompted several walkouts, reducing the number of originally 100 assembly delegates. Those who resigned were replaced by members of the Brotherhood and allied Salafist Nour Party. Eighty-five members approved the draft.

The the rest of the constitutional assembly members took the departing members into consideration when discussing the various articles, said Essam El-Erian, a senior presidential adviser.  …