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@NadraEnzi - Black History Month Or AMERICAN History Month?

Casting my eyes back to the segregated world which produced Dr. Carter G. Woodson's Negro History Week-precusor to Black History Month-I wonder yet again about its relevance?

If we need ethnic cheerleading at this late date of 2015, then surely we've overlooked epic progress from late last century. If it's overarching concern is reminding the rest of America about our contributions, my statement about overlooking epic late 20th century progress still applies.

I know my ethnicity and am aware others percieve it too, either by joy expressed as one of the few "year round suntans" at conservative events to visible apprehension some pedestrians demonstrate while walking toward me on a dark sidewalk. My color only runs skin deep. It tells you nothing about my character nor philosophy. It's a vantage point for intimately understanding an imposed collective experience, not a value unto itself.

If anything, February's Black History Month could be renamed, American History Month, since we are woven into every strand of the national fabric- instead of sewn separate from it.

Looking forward from the segregation which produced what is now known as Black History Month, I see no need to resegregate myself. As a strand of the national fabric, year round sun tan and all, I still see February as American History Month. American history is OUR history and our history is AMERICAN history!

George Will: The Quickest Way to Lose a War Is Say You Can Win It From The Air

Jim Geraghty’s evaluation of the GOP presidential candidates is fascinating

Geraghty’s GOP evaluation

Gary Gross

Jim Geraghty’s evaluation of the GOP presidential candidates is fascinating. Rather than starting with the top tier candidates, let’s start by hearing what he said about the MSM’s top tier:
Jeb Bush: Sure, he’ll have the money, and he’ll have the name. But let’s not even get into the immigration, Common Core, business ties or family dynasty issues yet. Republican primary voters, particularly conservative ones, think that the Obama presidency is the worst calamity to hit America in their lifetimes, and fear it is doing permanent damage to the national values, identity, and standing in the world. GOP primary voters are going to want a fighter, and do they think Jeb Bush has been leading the fight against Obama?
Mitt Romney: When people tell Mitt Romney, “Governor, I really wish you had won in 2012,” they’re not saying, “Governor, I think you would have been one of the greatest presidents in our lifetimes.” They’re saying, “Governor, Obama is really, really, really terrible, and electing you would have spared the country a lot of pain.” He’s a good man, but a lot of Republicans are ready to move on to new options. Plus, you know… Gruber.
Chris Christie: If Bush and Romney are both in, you have to wonder how many big donors stick by him. He did better in his Iowa appearance than some might have expected, and he’s undoubtedly going to be a dominant figure in the debates. But he’s positioned himself in opposition to the rest of the party way too often, and you can’t win the GOP nomination from the Jon Huntsman slot, as the Republican nominee most acceptable to the Acela class that can’t stand Republicans.
Rand Paul: He’ll have his dad’s network, and he’s way more compelling than his father was. But there’s a ceiling to Libertarian-minded candidates in the modern Republican Party, and it’s going to be tougher to sell quasi-isolationist non-interventionism as the world blows up and grows even more dangerous in Obama’s final two years in office.
This isn’t 2008 or 2012, when the GOP didn’t field a bunch of top tier candidates like they’re fielding this year. In 2012, Paul Ryan would’ve swamped the field, including Mitt. This year, Paul Ryan would have a respectable following but he wouldn’t be seen as the prohibitive favorite.

Jeb Bush has irritated conservatives far too often to win the nomination. Sen. McCain got away with that in 2008 because he ran against a field of weaklings. Jeb won’t get away with that this time because he’s running against a virtual team of Olympic weightlifters. Mitt’s time came and went. Whether he officially runs is almost irrelevant at this point. That’s because he’s overmatched.
First Tier:
Scott Walker: He’s serious and accomplished enough for the “Establishment,” and indisputably conservative enough for the grassroots. The Left threw everything it had at this guy and he’s still going strong. Despite the questions about his charisma, he’s getting rave reviews for his passion in his appearance this weekend.
Marco Rubio: He’s arguably the best communicator in the Republican Party, and the Republican Party desperately needs a good communicator as its nominee.
With rave reviews from Charles Krauthammer and James Pethokoukis, he could end up being the conservative pundits’ favorite choice. Yes, there’s still irritation about the gang of “Gang of Eight” and anti-Senator skepticism to overcome, but he’s speaking about the broad, unifying national theme of American exceptionalism since 2010. Obviously, he offers a fantastic contrast with Hillary.
Rick Perry: The former governor of Texas is likely to be the only re-running candidate who improves upon his past performance. He still has a sterling economic record to point to, he’s been going toe-to-toe with the Obama administration consistently, he’s got enough charm to work on Jimmy Kimmel. This time, he won’t be coming off back surgery, he won’t start late and we’ll see just how much the hipster glasses help.
Bobby Jindal: Yes, he needs to speak slower. Yes, it’s not clear that a style that works in Louisiana will work on the national stage. But he’s a bit like Walker in that he’s amassed an indisputably conservative record while getting things done in two terms. There’s probably not another contender who knows more detail about more policies, and he’s guided his state through some severe challenges – post-Katrina rebuilding, a pair of serious hurricanes, the Deepwater Horizon and the drilling moratorium. What’s more, he’s been fighting the administration on issues like school choice for years and he moves fast when an opportunity opens like the House GOP botching a late-term abortion bill.
After Gov. Walker’s performance at Saturday’s Freedom Summit, he’ll be one of the most formidable candidates on either side of the aisle. While Hillary has her supporters, she doesn’t have supporters that’d run through brick walls to help her win. Gov. Walker’s supporters are passionate and they’re willing to do anything to help him win. (You don’t win 3 elections in 4 years by having supporters who are indifferent.)

As for Marco Rubio, there’s no question that his participation in the Gang of Eight immigration bill will hurt him with primary voters. Still, there’s no denying that he’s a powerful communicator with a compelling personal story that shouts ‘I’m living the American dream.’

Rick Perry is being written off by the MSM. That’s a mistake. They’ve focused too much on Perry’s oops moment during the 2012 and not enough on what he’s done on securing Texas’ border during the flood of unattended children. He’s a much more serious candidate this time.

At this point, I’d argue that Republicans are likely to win the White House. People are sick of President Obama and they just aren’t excited about Hillary. She’s been on the national scene for a quarter century. 

It’s impossible to sell yourself as a fresh face with Hillary’s resume.

Conservative Jew Questions Why a Majority of American Jews Continue to Be Democrats

Ladies from the ILGWU formed by mostly Jewish women 100 years ago as result of the Triangle Shirts Co. fire in which many of the dead were Jewish immigrants. medium.com

Getting burned on the Jewish Left

Larry Hart - As a conservative Jew I’ve often wondered why a majority of American Jews continually serve in the Democratic Party.  I use to think that it was foolish for these Jews to place such high value on liberal causes since liberalism long ago stopped having any advantage to our people.
Until recently Jewish participation in the party was more or less irresponsible. Now, in a post 9-11 world that stubbornness to see only a moral equivalence in the Middle East conflict and not condone the right of Jews to defend themselves against a murderous enemy, has become more dangerous than foolhardy.
Politics has changed and our interests in the 21st century reside on a different political plane than they did for our fathers and grandfathers. Old enemies have become friends and long standing political allies have become our enemies. Left wing Jews need to calculate the difference, swallow hard and make the move to insure our own survival.

As the Democratic Party moves further away from protecting Jewish rights whether here or in Israel, the Jews in that movement do little to counter that growing hostility. Left unchecked at the beginning of the 21st century, it’s as though the Left has finally uncovered its European anti-Semitic roots and is reveling in it.   Read More

Senate GOP plots plan B for Obamacare

The Hill - Senate Republicans are preparing a legislative plan of action in case the Supreme Court strikes a major blow against ObamaCare and rules subsidies provided to people on the federal exchange are illegal.

GOP senators are confident the justices will rule in their favor, and they want to be ready to act if millions of people lose their subsidies to buy insurance through the healthcare law.

“If the Supreme Court were to say the law says what the law says, we would like to be ready with a response to that that makes practical sense for the 5 or 6 million Americans who would be affected,” said Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), who is heading the effort along with Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Republican Policy Committee Chairman John Barrasso (R-Wyo.).

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) and Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) are also participating.    Read More

Is ISIS Deliberately Torpedoing US's International Relations?

Arutz Sheva - Analysts say ISIS's demands for a prisoner swap with Japan, Jordan is a deliberate nose-thumbing at the international coalition.

The Islamic State group's demand that a jihadi on Jordan's death row be exchanged for a Japanese hostage is an attempt to chip away at the US-led coalition against extremism in the Middle East, analysts told AFP Tuesday. 

The terrorists, whose brutal rule stretches across swathes of Iraq and Syria, is hoping to sow dissent among Jordan, Japan and the United States by offering to spare the life of journalist Kenji Goto.

Their price, they say, is freedom for Sajida al-Rishawi, a woman sentenced to death for her role in the bombing of three hotels in Amman in 2005 that killed 60 people, an event sometimes referred to as "Jordan's 9/11".

For Tokyo, scarred by the apparent beheading last week of Goto's fellow captive, Haruna Yukawa, it appears to be an attractive offer.

But it leaves Amman trying to balance the demands of a big donor while not losing its best bargaining chip in efforts to secure the release of Maaz al-Kassasbeh, a pilot captured by Islamic State (ISIS) after they shot his plane down over Syria.   Read More

Americans Can Easily Identify With Animal Farm - Because Obama & Many in Congress Are Greedy Pigs

Pigs Eventually Lose

Cynthia Quinn - Britain’s Oxford University Press recently asked a children’s author to avoid mentioning anything pig, sausage or pork related, due to their global audience. I guess I better hurry up and buy several copies of Animal Farm by British author George Orwell! How else will my grandchild learn what it means when I say the American government is made up of a bunch of pork driven pigs who should be made into sausage?

Our pigs on Capitol Hill are impacting the entire world with their relatively new US tax code, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, better known as FATCA, a tax nightmare that began with a law that has been on the books since the Civil War, citizen-based taxation (CBT). It is a law that states American citizens shall forever be liable for income taxation by the United States, wherever their money is made and wherever they live.

According to the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution, anyone born in the United States is a de facto US citizen regardless of whatever other citizenship they may hold in their lifetime.

Therefore, anyone with a US birth certificate is forever taxable by the US, even if they have never lived there as a adult or earned any money there.

CBT began with the intent to collect revenue from anyone who left America to avoid their military responsibilities. Its punitive provisions require that people who receive no services from the USA, no payments from the US government, have no property, no investments, or no monetary ties, must file complex returns.
In 2008, Obama signed the (HIRE) Act, “Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment, seemingly humanitarian legislation to help the veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Included in the legislation that no one bothered to read was how HIRE would be funded; FATCA (HR2847) would allow the US government to recoup money it was losing to overseas tax havens. The little known law went into effect last July 1st, 2014.

FATCA is one of the most piggy, arrogant and immoral pieces of legislation to ever emanate from the US capitol. All other nations on earth practice residence-based taxation (RBT). In addition, Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs) now allow the US piggy bankers to break the once sacred privacy laws of the foreign countries in which the financial institutions are located.

But, why did the Washington “FATCATs” enact FATCA for the measly 900 million or so annual dollars it collects? The FATCAT pigs real purpose was to clear the way for a global FATCA, informally known as GATCHA (A more fitting acronym would have been GOTCHA, but close enough) a new global standard where there will be an automatic exchange of financial information between governments, a permanent record of all your financial information available to be shared in an instant with local and global government agencies…and ultimately, the catalyst for the New World Order hog chow feast, a global tax.

In Animal Farm, unlike the other animals, the pigs live in luxury and enjoy the benefits of the society they help control, showcasing the inequality and true hypocrisy of communism. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” The American people can easily identify with Animal Farm, for the president and many of our legislators are greedy pigs, just like in the classic tale.

There is an old Wall Street saying about excessive greed that affects your judgement; Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered. Pigs eventually lose, but let’s make sure. Forget the fences at our southern borders, forget wasting our farmers corn on ethanol, forget worrying about Muslims being appointed to high security positions. Fence off Washington D.C., feed the pigs some corn, scare the Muslims away…and with the help of the C.I.A. (Catch It All) our troubles will be over…..in hog heaven, as they say.

Track Tax Refunds, Obtain Tax Transcripts This Filing Season With Free IRS App

Forbes - Looking for tax information on the go? The Internal Revenue Service has released the update to its smartphone application for the new tax season. The app, which has been described by IRS Commissioner John Koskinen as a “convenient self-service tool” makes it easy for taxpayers to access personal tax information nearly 24 hours a day/seven days a week.

The app, says IRS, reflect a “commitment to help you get the information you need — whenever you need it, wherever you are.”

Follows are the highlights:

You can request your tax return or tax account transcript online. It’s a great feature if you need to check on any outstanding liabilities or other tax issues.

Rather than calling 1.800.908.9946 or submitting a form 4506T-EZ, Short Form Request for Individual Tax Return Transcript, you can request your tax account or tax return transcript directly from IRS2Go. Unlike the web service, however, the transcript details aren’t available immediately: they will be delivered by mail to your address of record. Expect the information to arrive in about 5 to 10 days after your request.

It’s worth noting that the tax transcript feature is not meant as a substitute for finding out the status of your tax refund. 

There’s a separate feature for that (keep reading).

If you’re still looking for free tax preparation services, you can find an IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and/or the Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) site near you. 

Simply enter your zip code and select a mileage range. You’ll be given a range of options with distance, hours, dates, languages and appointment details (if required) for each. To find the location that works for you, just click on “directions” and the maps app on your phone will help you get where you need to go.   Read More

Recipe: Lasagna Rolls

Click here for the recipe

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Stealing from the middle class

Gary Gross
Glenn Reynolds’ column proves that President Obama is waging war against the middle class:
Though millions of Americans have been putting money into “tax free” 529 plans to save for their children’s increasingly expensive college educations, President Obama would change the law so that withdrawals from the plans to fund college would be taxed as ordinary income. So while you used to be able to get a nice tax benefit by saving for college, now you’ll be shelling out to Uncle Sam every time you withdraw to pay for Junior’s dorm fees.

This doesn’t hurt the very rich, who just pay for college out of pocket, or the poor, who get financial aid, but it’s pretty rough on the middle– and upper–middle class. In a double-whammy, those withdrawals will show up as income on parents’ income tax forms, which are used to calculate financial aid, making them look richer, and hence reducing grants.
In other words, President Obama’s plan would tax middle class parents who’ve done the right thing by saving for their children’s college education. Taxing the middle class for doing the right thing sounds perfectly like a Democrats’ plan.

Giving people an incentive to do what’s right makes sense. Giving people an incentive to stop doing what’s right is either stupidity or it’s evil or it’s a little of both. People would be wise to pay attention to Dr. Reynolds’ admonition:
For the moment, Americans are safe. With both houses of Congress controlled by the GOP, Obama’s proposals are DOA. But over the long term, the appetite for government spending is effectively endless, while the sources of revenue are limited. Keep that in mind as you think about where to invest your money … and your votes.
Democrats are reflexively starving for new revenue streams, aka raising taxes. The important question for people to ask is whether the laundry list of things the Democrats want to spend the tax increases on are needs or if they’re just wish list items. Another important question voters should ask is what’s most efficient: saving for their needs or paying taxes to have government pay for what they need…after the government takes its cut of the taxes.

Finally, the most important question to ask is whether government is efficient in doing anything. That isn’t the same as asking whether government should exist. It’s just asking if government, in its current form, efficiently spends money on the most important things.

The Results of This Gov. Chris Christie Poll Are Telling

Charisma - Nearly three in five registered voters in New Jersey do not think their governor, Republican Chris Christie, would make a good U.S. president, according to a poll released on Thursday. 

Christie, who is seen as a potential candidate in the 2016 election, has twice won the governor's office in New Jersey, where nearly twice as many voters are registered as Democrat than Republican. 

In a putative presidential election between Christie and Hillary Clinton, 52 percent of New Jerseyans polled by Quinnipiac University said they would vote for the Democratic former U.S. secretary of state, including 11 percent of registered Republicans. 

Overall, 57 percent of the registered voters polled said they did not think Christie, who prides himself on his blunt, sometimes combative speaking style, would make a good president. That included nearly a third of registered Republicans, 78 percent of Democrats and 59 percent of independents.    Read More

Angstadt Arms unveils 9mm Glock-mag folding AR15 - Review

Guns.Com - 9mm AR15 carbines and rifles are nothing new.

 Colt started the trend back in 1982 with their select-fire 9mm SMG, sporting a ten-inch barrel. New Charlotte-based gun-maker Angstadt Arms distinguishes their new UDP-9 by including many of the most desirable AR15 features in a 9mm platform.

The UDP-9 is assembled from a slick-side upper and custom billet lower receiver that includes a flared magwell, over-sized trigger guard and scalloped ejection port. Available in black and bronze, the UDP-9 is a semi-automatic, direct-impingement 9mm pistol feeding from 9mm Glock magazines.

Initially available as a pistol, Angstadt Arms intends to eventually offer their new AR-15 pistol as an SBR. Impatient buyers can purchase a pistol and after obtaining the proper stamp, convert it to an SBR.  The whole setup is a scant 21 inches long and weighs under five pounds.   Read More

Samsung's massive 105-inch bendable TV gets real

LAS VEGAS — Samsung was the first to show off a bendable TV at last year's CES, then unveiled a mammoth 105-inch model last September.

Now that big guy is becoming a real product — a very, very big real product.

The UN105S9B TV joins Samsung's line of SUHD TVs for 2015. It has a huge 105-inch screen that can curve at its owner's command. Samsung has refined the technology, and now the back of the TV will expand or contract depending on just how curved you set the screen, ensuring the overall size of the set stays uniform.   Read More

Here’s the Secret Silk Road Journal From the Laptop of Ross Ulbricht

Wired - As the saga of the Silk Road has unfolded over the last four years, everyone has had an opinion about the unprecedented, billion-dollar online narcotics bazaar, from press to politicians to prosecutors. Even the pseudonymous mastermind of the site, the Dread Pirate Roberts, gave an interview and posted many thousands of words to the Silk Road’s users forum. The one voice that’s been missing, however, is that of Ross Ulbricht, the 30-year-old Texan accused of actually running the site from behind the Dread Pirate Roberts mask. 

As Ulbricht faces trial on conspiracy charges that include running a narcotics ring, laundering money, and selling counterfeit IDs, a jury may now be hearing Ulbricht tell his story for the first time. The FBI has said it found a journal on Ulbricht’s laptop, seized at the time of his arrest. Those journal entries have been entered into evidence against Ulbricht. And they seem to detail everything from Ulbricht’s time growing psychedelic mushrooms in a remote Texas cabin to serve as the Silk Road’s first product, to his early days trying to code a stable website, to recruiting Silk Road staff and attracting a coterie of drug dealers.

Ulbricht’s defense team will no doubt challenge the authenticity of the journal entries. His lead defense attorney Joshua Dratel argued in his opening statement that Ulbricht had created the Silk Road, but gave it up after a few months and was only “lured” back to the site in 2013 to be framed by the real Dread Pirate Roberts. The defense hasn’t yet explained how the journals ended up on Ulbricht’s laptop, and declined WIRED’s request for further comment.

In addition to the journal, Ulbricht’s laptop also contained what seemed to be a log of daily activities, which is embedded at the bottom of this post below the long-form journal entries. The dates marked are those originally included in the text, and neither the journal nor the log is necessarily complete. Both are only the portions of text that have been admitted as evidence in Ulbricht’s case, and we’ll update the journal or log if more entries are added by the defense or the prosecution.

Click here for Ulbricht’s story in—according to the Department of Justice, at least—his own words.

Can Western Civilization Survive Progressive Ignorance?

Dave Weinbaum - In light of the furor over President Obama’s failed foreign policies, a plethora of people have come in praise of President George W. Bush. Our last president was savaged by Democrats and the foaming-mouth press for the last 13 years as a warmonger and torturer. In response to a daily din of demand that War Criminal Bush must withdraw all the troops in Iraq, President 43 retorted in 2007 with a psychic prediction. 

Dubya prophesied if we pulled all the troops out too soon, Muslims would commit atrocities. Further, competing Muslim armies with captured US weaponry and vehicles from fleeing Iraqi troops would cause mass murder and genocide. He also predicted land grabs. It wasn’t so much that Bush was a military genius. He wasn’t—and he knew it. He consulted with military experts both within and out of the armed forces. 

Just to show they aren’t all about the murder of Jews and Christians, these psychos lined up 13 Muslim teens in Mosul, Iraq and mass executed them in public with machine guns. Their crime? They were watching a soccer game on TV, thus violating Sharia law—PRAISE ALLAH! The bodies of these lads were left in public for hours as a lesson to the rest of the town. Even their parents knew better than to collect their sons for burial. If we don’t do something now this could soon be playing out in Euroarabia and the USA. 

Thank goodness, President Obama is above all that. The Messiah is the smartest man who ever lived. Just ask him. He’s the “WON”—the Bo Jackson of Presidents:

  •  Obama knows climate change, AKA global warming, climate disruption, glaciergate, polarbeargate and now, thanks to the Patriots, deflategate.
  •  Obama knows taxing the wealthiest one percent.
  •  Obama knows affordable health care.
  •  Obama knows bin-Laden dead, GM alive.
  •  Obama knows we’ve stopped ISIS—even if they don’t know it, yet.
  •  Obama knows Israel is the cause of all the troubles in the Mideast and the world.
  •  Obama knows it can’t be Islam that’s responsible for Jihadist terror, despite Boko Haram, al-Qaeda, Hamas’s thousands of rockets sent to murder Jewish men women and children in Israel, decapitations and crucifixions of Christians in Africa and the Mideast.
  • Obama knows women’s rights, unlike the unequal pay of his female staff compared to men, the thousands of female survivors who are kidnapped, sold and sodomized by, dare I say, Islamonazis?
  • Obama knows foreign policy.
  • Obama knows that police are racist.
  • Obama knows traitors. This genius traded American traitor Bowe Bergdahl for five battle-tested Taliban who we all know will never go back to the battlefield or kill more Americans.
  •  Obama knows we must cut our military to WW1 levels so the world will know no threat from us.
  • Obama knows nicknames. ISIS=JV team, Syria and Russia are Red liners, and Bibi Netanyahu is a Chicken $hit.
What Obama and Progressives don’t know is the world has passed them by. His speeches are a spiraling rehash of old Socialist/Communist ideas that never worked anywhere. Besides, Americans stopped believing Obama and the Progressives, AKA Democrats, somewhere between the 15th scandal, 50th lie and 70th misjudgment. 

The good news is that Barry has one SOTU left

The bad news is Barry STILL has one SOTU left

Barry can’t get out of office fast enough. He is the barrier to this country’s pride and dignity. Only then can we reduce the flame of racism and class war the Progressives have stoked up and get people off welfare with jobs. Then we can help minorities and the poor understand that we can all pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Then we can rebuild our armed forces and challenge the Islamofacists where they live instead of relying on France, Belgium, Sweden and—I almost forgot—Yemen.  

It should be obvious to all that this president doesn’t care enough to protect this country. His inability to identify our foes as extremist Islamic Jihadists should frighten all of us. Obama is a barrier to this nation’s respect in the world from friend and enemy alike. 

The most enjoyable thing and a real symbol of our freedom will be to revoke Al Sharpton’s pass to the Oval Office. It’ll take a year just to get the stench of his idiocy wiped from the grounds. 

The first step to economic recovery should be to arrest Sharpton and make him pay the taxpayers of this country back.

Then we can put the IRS out of its dreadful existence.

Republicans Have Their Say On Obama's Economic Vision

Netanyahu: I Will Address Congress Despite the Left's Objection

Arutz Sheva - PM Netanyahu says it his duty to warn Congress of the Iranian threat, adds Labor is "not the Zionist camp. It's the anti-Zionist camp".

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu vowed on Sunday evening that he will address the United States Congress - despite the objection to the speech from the left.

Netanyahu’s comments, which echoed remarks he made at Sunday morning’s weekly cabinet meeting, were made at a meeting of the Likud Central Committee, ahead of the party’s official announcement of its list for the Knesset.

"When Iran is forging ahead, and continuing its preparations to develop nuclear weapons, the Israeli Prime Minister must appear before the world, in Paris, in Washington and everywhere else - and present the Israeli side in spite of the detractors," Netanyahu said. "He must say proudly: We will not surrender to terrorism, we will not allow Iran to become a nuclear threshold state.”

He had harsh criticism for the left, particularly for the joint Labor-Hatnua list, which is calling itself the “Zionist Camp”.   Read More

Anti-Israel Activists Disrupt NYC Council Meeting

Video: “Naked, blind antisemitism”: Jew-haters disrupt NY City Council meeting

via Jihad Watch:

"Pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel activists disrupted the City Council’s stated meeting on Thursday while members were voting on a resolution commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

The protesters started yelling, “shame on you, Melissa”, “why are you supporting an apartheid” and “Palestinian lives matter.”

After five minutes of yelling and screaming, the some 40 protesters were ordered to leave and escorted out the balcony.

Council member Cory Johnson called it “incredibly disrespectful and offensive. Simply awful.” Councilman Mark Weprin added, “The State of Israel has never supported the killing of innocent people, and they want to love in peace.”

Read More & Watch The Videos 

Senate GOP frustrated with Boehner over immigration tactics

The Hill - Frustration is building among Senate Republicans that Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is not making more of an effort to manage the expectations of House conservatives.

One of the first pieces of business conducted by the GOP House this year as to approve an immigration bill overturning President Obama’s executive actions that have given legal status to millions of people brought illegally to the United States as children or who are related to citizens and permanent residents.

The legislation would also provide funding through the rest of the year for the Department of Homeland Security, making it must pass legislation for the Senate. But the language attacking Obama’s executive actions is opposed by Democrats, leaving the bill dead on arrival in the Senate and putting Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in a tough spot.

Some lawmakers think Boehner could have done a better job of reminding rank-and-file conservatives that a repeal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and another executive action shielding up to five million illegal immigrants from deportation has no chance of passing the Senate.   Read More

A coordinated, frightening, organized campaign to silence debate on Islam

h/t - Creeping Sharia

Washington Post - Asra Q. Nomani, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, is the author of “Standing Alone: An American Woman’s Struggle for the Soul of Islam.”

“You have shamed the community,” a fellow Muslim in Morgantown, W.Va., said to me as we sat in a Panera Bread in 2004. “Stop writing.”

Then 38, I had just written an essay for The Washington Post’s Outlook section arguing that women should be allowed to pray in the main halls of mosques, rather than in segregated spaces, as most mosques in America are arranged. An American Muslim born in India, I grew up in a tolerant but conservative family. In my hometown mosque, I had disobeyed the rules and prayed in the men’s area, about 20 feet behind the men gathered for Ramadan prayers.

Later, an all-male tribunal tried to ban me. An elder suggested having men surround me at the mosque so that I would be “scared off.” Now the man across the table was telling me to shut up.

“I won’t stop writing,” I said.

It was the first time a fellow Muslim had pressed me to refrain from criticizing the way our faith was practiced. But in the past decade, such attempts at censorship have become more common. This is largely because of the rising power and influence of the “ghairat brigade,” an honor corps that tries to silence debate on extremist ideology in order to protect the image of Islam. It meets even sound critiques with hideous, disproportionate responses.

The campaign began, at least in its modern form, 10 years ago in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, when the Organization of Islamic Cooperation — a mini-United Nations comprising the world’s 56 countries with large Muslim populations, plus the Palestinian Authority — tasked then-Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu with combating Islamophobia and projecting the “true values of Islam.” During the past decade, a loose honor brigade has sprung up, in part funded and supported by the OIC through annual conferences, reports and communiques. It’s made up of politicians, diplomats, writers, academics, bloggers and activists.   Read More

Former ISIS Prisoner: “They Want Something Worse Than 9/11″

Legal Insurrection - A man named Ahmad Rashidi was interviewed on Meet the Press today and provided an alarming look into the goals of ISIS. He claims they want to be “better” than al-Qaeda and orchestrate an attack “more brutal” than the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.

Andrew Johnson of National Review has more:

Man Who Escaped ISIS: They Want to Plan an Attack ‘More Brutal’ than 9/11

The Islamic State is “happy” about the air strikes by the United States because it validates their efforts in emerging as a global threat, says a man who escaped after a month with the group.

Ahmad Rashidi was captured by the Islamic State when he went to Syria from London to retrieve the two daughters of a family friend; the teenage girls had fled England to marry Islamic State fighters. 

When Rashidi found one of the girls, her husband accused him of being a spy and he was taken prisoner and tortured. He later won the favor of his capturers by telling them he was a doctor; Rashidi is, in fact, a first-year medical student.   Read More

State of the Union and the Middle East, 2015

Larry Hart - I was thinking of writing something about Obama’s Middle East policy after his speech last night. But, he hardly even mentioned it, which is in perfect character with his interest in Islam, its problems, the Arab Israeli conflict, its problems, and with Iran. He made it seem everything was just fine.

For a transcript of his speech click here.

Warning congress not to pass sanctions is a very dangerous attitude to take toward the Iranians. He actually believes that they will quit their nuclear program.

“For the first time in a decade, we’ve halted the progress of its nuclear program and reduced its stockpile of nuclear material.”

Have we, Mr. President?  The Israelis, one of the few western countries with actual spies on the ground in Iran, says that is just not so. Iran continues to move toward the building of a nuclear weapon and the delivery mechanism to send it anywhere in the world.

Even if they agree to the American proposals by the June deadline, Iran will covertly carry on its program because its agenda is to destroy Israel first, and threaten Europe next. They are a radical Islamic country, not unlike terrorist organizations, al Queda, Hezbollah, The Taliban. The only real difference is they have a country, with a diplomatic purse.   Read More

Nadra Ezni Guest Hosts Ringside Politics: Free Community Colleges & More...

Ringside Politics- Jan 22, 2015

via WGSO:

Welcome to another edition of Ringside Politics with Captain Black aka Nadra Enzi filling in for Jeff Crouere

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Today’s Hot Topics:

1) New Orleans D.A. Leon Cannizzaro said that there are “urban terrorists” running rampant in New Orleans and Bobby Jindal should put his focus on fighting crime in the city rather in London.

2) Should Louisiana provide a local state police troop in New Orleans?

3) President Obama wants to provide free community college as he stated in his State of the Union address on Tuesday.  Can this country afford it?

Today’s Guests:

1) Leon Cannizzaro, New Orleans District Attorney, discussed the crime situation in the city.

2) Michael Glasser, President of PANO, discussed the NOPD recruitment and retention issues.  Visit www.pano1544.com.

3) Horace Cooper, Co-Chairman of Project 21’s National Advisory Board, discussed President Obama’s State of the Union and his push for free community college.  www.nationalcenter.org

Listen to the show!