Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Astonishing Photos Capture Once-in-a-Millennium Flood In South Carolina

BuzzFeed - Unprecedented floods have killed at least 12 people in South Carolina and left tens of thousands stranded, prompting President Obama on Monday to declare a major disaster in the state.
Described as a once-in-a-millennium event, the floods also forced mass evacuations and, according to Gov. Nikki Haley, left some 40,000 people without running water.

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Tiger Cubs - Playing With Dogs & Swimming For The First Time

Christians: Would You Take a Bullet for Jesus?

Christian Post - Jesus was not only willing to die for our sins, but He actually went through with it. And the Oregon believers who acknowledged Christ instantly became martyrs. They stood strong in the face of certain death. And they will enjoy paradise forever because their Savior is faithful, and He was not caught off guard by a gunman's hateful rampage.

In fact, Jesus told His followers to expect this sort of thing. If you are a Christian, it just goes with the territory. It's the cross which many believers in the world have been called to carry.

Today in History for October 6th

David Limbaugh: Facts Don't Work on Gun Control, so Obama Uses Emotion

Townhall.Com - In his speech on the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon last week, President Obama sounded more upset about America's gun laws than about the horrific massacre.
We barely had the preliminary facts about the shooting, the shooter and the victims, and he was already lecturing the nation again on gun control.
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ISIS supporter publishes address of Navy Seal who killed Osama bin Laden and calls for his death

Mirror - A British ISIS supporter has published the name and address of the Navy Seal who killed Osama bin Laden and called on American extremists to execute him.

Mirror Online has been monitoring jihadi chat on social media and has spotted several people linking to a text file containing instructions on how to find Robert O'Neill, who claimed to have killed the al Qaeda chief.
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New Global Police - Why exactly does Obama want the “Strong Cities Network”?

FPM - The Obama administration plans to create a global police force that counters “violent extremism” in the United States and elsewhere.

The problem is that in Obama-speak “violent extremism” refers not only to jihadists wishing to harm Americans but also to conservatives and Tea Party activists. Just ask all the law-abiding right-of-center nonprofit groups targeted by Lois Lerner’s IRS during the Obama presidency.
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“Refugee Warriors” populate United Nations camps (where the US gets refugees)

Refugee Resettlement Watch - Last week the Washington Examiner published a lengthy piece by Jonathan Foreman entitled, ‘Does foreign aid really do good?’ It addresses in great detail what we already know—mostly ‘humanitarian aid’ is a waste of money!

We take the majority of our Syrian refugees from UN camps!

I urge you to read it all, however, here (below) is one section I wanted to highlight because: the US State Department is taking the vast majority of UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) refugee referrals from those camps—-Zaatari is one of them.
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Monday, October 5, 2015

Someone published thousands of photos of historic US space missions — here are some amazing ones

Business Insider - You may think you've seen photos of the moon landing before, but you haven't like this.

The 9,200 high-resolution images posted to the Project Apollo Archive were taken during every manned mission to the moon, both on the way there and back. 

These aren't just photos of the moon's surface either. The entire film reels were uploaded so you can see the blurry outtakes along with some candid shots of astronauts shaving while onboard.

Scrolling through the photos, it feels like watching someone else's vacation — but this one just takes place on a spaceship.

The project's lead, Kipp Teague, told The Planetary Society that the collection includes every single photo taken on the moon's surface, along with those from the voyage there and back. His Apollo Archives project uploaded the unprocessed versions of the original NASA scans into Flickr albums organized by mission.

We've selected a few of our favorites from each mission, but it's worth checking out the entire collection on Flickr.

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Obama deporting Iraqi Christians who fled ISIS seeking religious asylum in US

Iraqi Christians fleeing persecution at the hands of ISIS are being turned away at the American border despite having family sponsors – as thousands of Muslims are granted asylum.

At least 27 of the targeted minority, known as Chaldeans, have been held in detention in San Diego since entering through the Mexican border this spring.

Boehner & McConnell: Two's a Party, Three's a Crowd

Dave Weinbaum - Republicans: Don’t want a third party to split your vote? KICK YOUR PRESENT LEADERSHIP TO THE CURB! Your constituents will no longer suffer their BS!

Obama Is Willing to Put Our National Security at Risk With a Veto

Daily Signal (Justin Johnson) - The Russians are bombing CIA-backed rebels in Syria and continuing to hold parts of Ukraine. ISIS continues to spread in the Middle East and inspire attacks around the world. Iran is receiving hundreds of billions in sanctions relief, some of which will likely go to destabilizing the Middle East. 

Ben Carson Calls on IRS to Terminate CAIR's Tax-Exempt Status

The Clarion Project - 

Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said CAIR 'brazenly violated' IRS rules, noting it is 'not the first time that CAIR has disrespected U.S. laws.' 

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is calling on the Internal Revenue Service to revoke the tax-exempt status of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in response to CAIR's demand that he end his campaign and due to its status as an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism-financing trial.

Carson is the second presidential candidate to call on the IRS to strip the tax-exempt status of CAIR. In June, the Clarion Project broke the story that Republican presidential candidate and former New York Governor George Pataki said that CAIR's status should be revoked. Pataki called for a general policy of removing the tax-exempt statuses of any organization that promotes terrorist organizations.
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ISIS affiliated group in Gaza claims rocket attack on Israel

The Sheikh Omar Hadid Brigade, a Salafist organization affiliated with Islamic State, claimed responsibility for the late Sunday night rocket attack on Israel. 

Palestinian terrorists fired two rockets at Israel on Sunday night; one exploded in an open area in Eshkol, causing no injuries or damage, and the second failed to cross into Israel, though it triggered warning sirens.

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These are the 9 victims killed during the Oregon College rampage

Mashable - The names of the nine people killed during a deadly rampage at Umpqua Community College in Oregon were released by police Friday afternoon. The 26-year-old gunman died Thursday morning as he exchanged gunfire with authorities.

The victims ranged in age from 18 to 67 years old. The oldest was a teacher who was shot point blank by the gunman, Chris Harper-Mercer, as he entered a classroom.
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