Monday, April 29, 2013

Video- Late Term Abortion Clinic Worker: If Baby Comes Out Alive At Home, Flush It! Put It In A Bag!

via Susan Duclos

What happens, the young woman asks, if the baby is moving and breathing when it comes out?  No worries, says the abortion-clinic saleswoman — the toxic solution will make it “automatically stop.”

via Hot Air

The trial of Kermit Gosnell — and the media silence on it for much of the proceedings — have shone a light on lat-term abortions that abortion advocates have hardly welcomed.  In response, the abortion industry has argued that Gosnell was an aberration, a rare instance of inhumanity for a service that is critical to the health of women.  How true is that?  Live Action conducted an undercover operation to allow people a look into the late-term abortion business, and we discover that the lawless approach we saw in Gosnell’s clinic was at the very least not unique.      Read More