Friday, December 7, 2012

Video: Morsi defiant in speech, protests erupt again in Cairo

Hot Air - Perhaps Mohamed Morsi thought that a show of strength and resolve in a nationally-televised speech to his Egyptian subjects would impress them enough to stop protesting his “temporary” seizure of dictatorial power.  If so, the President-turned-Pharaoh miscalculated — perhaps badly.  After a defiant speech in which Morsi accused protesters of being Mubarakites, the streets again filled with angry Egyptians, who have begun to use the same chants about Morsi that they once used about Hosni Mubarak (via Instapundit):

An angry Mohammed Morsi refused Thursday to call off a referendum on a disputed constitution that has sparked Egypt’s worst political crisis in two years, drawing chants of “topple the regime!” from protesters who waved their shoes in contempt.