Saturday, December 1, 2012

Conservative Leaders Threaten GOP: Cave On Tax Hikes And We Are Gone, With Our Money

Susan Duclos - GOP leadership should keep the lessons of  the 2010 midterms in mind when making their deals and decisions in the fiscal cliff negotiations, as a study showed just how outrage and betrayal is remembered by voters and whole parties are punished severely.

Washington Post reported in March 2012 that studies revealed that Democrats voting for Obamacare cost the Democrats something pretty specific: their House majority. Republucans saw a turnover of Democrat to GOP seats in the House not seen in 70 years, giving Republicans the largest majority they have seen in recent history.

 Republican leaders in Washington may seem like they are between a rock and a hard place but truly their choice could not be more clear or simple.

They have two options:

• If they believe that they can win their next elections without their conservative base, they should act accordingly and make a deal, even if it includes tax hikes they promised they wouldn't vote for.

• If they know that without their base, they will lose control of the House of Representatives and have no hope of gaining control of the Senate in 2014, they should also act accordingly and walk away if Obama refuses to negotiate in good faith and accept revenue without tax hikes.

Their "base" is telling them exactly which option will keep them on board and which option  will not.

Conservative leaders are upping the pressure on GOP leadership to not cave to Obama, Democrats and mainstream media on tax increases, with open letters, private letters and threats of replacing them and pulling not donating to the party for future elections.