Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gov. Scott Walker Provides Some Facts On The Devastation Obamacare Will Create

RightWing News - In an editorial at the Washington Post, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker points out that Wisconsin, under his leadership, was able to appropriate $1.2 billion in increasing Medicare spending for his state by “putting in place the long-term structural changes needed to make our budget sustainable” which allows Wisconsin to make sure they take care of their residents who “truly need assistance.” He then goes on to show just how bad the federal policy of Obamacare is in the nation’s laboratories, the States

(Washington Post) The bad news is that, from a practical standpoint, Obamacare will devastate Wisconsin.

An actuarial study commissioned by my predecessor, a Democrat, and completed last year found that if Obamacare is implemented in Wisconsin:
  • 100,000 people will be dropped by their employer-sponsored health insurance;
  • 59 percent of people who buy their own health insurance will experience an average premium increase of 31 percent;
  • 150,000 people will stop buying health insurance in the private sector and will instead become dependent on the government and taxpayers;