Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Daniel Greenfield - On WLIB, It's 1984 on the Dial

What we think the talking heads are talking about when they condemn racism, misogyny or some other form of bigotry is entirely detached from what they are actually talking about.

If you are reading this, the odds are that you define racism as an expression of racial bigotry. That is the formal definition, but it is as meaningful to the actual use of the terminology as reaching for a Latin dictionary or trying to make sense of the vocabulary of the Picts. That definition has long been as outdated as the steam engine.

To the progressive left, and by that I mean the people who actually write the policies, set the agenda and control the national dialogue, racism is not about race, misogyny is not about gender and anti-semitism is not about ethnicity or religion. They are forms of reactionary behavior and thinking.

Remember that definition because it's important. It is why asking questions like, "What about liberal misogyny?" is as useless as asking Nazis why their leadership didn't seem to include a lot of blonde supermen. The Nazi definition of Ubermensch was not based on physical or intellectual qualities, but on political ones. It was impossible to be a true member of the Master Race and not be a Nazi. It is equally impossible for a liberal to be a racist.

The left describes bigotry not in terms of the act, but in terms of a reactionary mentality. To be a reactionary is to be beholden to a more primitive era like the 1950's or the 1850's and its backward attitudes. Even when a progressive engages in bigoted mentation, that is the reactionary attitudes that he picked up from his father or grandfather or some other member of the patriarchy coming into play. A warning sign that he needs to properly cleanse himself of those reactionary attitudes to be a proper progressive.

Anything done in a progressive cause is inherently not reactionary. Racism and misogyny is completely acceptable when attacking reactionaries. It is even encouraged.

How can that be possible? Simple. Why does the left view bigotry as wrong? Because it's a reactionary attitude that prevents the mobilization of all sectors of society in the struggle for universal social justice. Beneath all the word games, all the people of color sessions, the plays, the movies and the impassioned appeals for a better world-- this is what it all comes down to. Bigotry is wrong because it inhibits the ultimate goals of the left.          More