Thursday, October 20, 2011

Candice Lanier - Russia & Iran....And, Hezbollah

In what some are calling a strategic move to strengthen its alliance with Tehran, Arutz Sheva has reported that Moscow extended an invitation to Hezbollah to visit the Kremlin. The Hezbollah delegation arrived in Moscow on Wednesday.

During the visit, Hezbollah is expected to visit the Lower House of Parliament, the Council of Muslims in European Russia and the Foreign Ministry.   The notorious terrorist organization will also descend upon the Moscow university lecture circuit.

The delegation is headed by Hezbollah MP, Mohammad Raad, and while developments in Lebanon are expected to be discussed, a source from Lebanon’s The Daily Star has noted that bilateral ties and “issues of common interest” are also on the agenda.

Both Russia and Hezbollah have opposed Western intervention in the continuing assault of Bashar Assad on Syrian civilians and opposition forces.  Furthermore, Hezbollah is closely aligned with Assad’s regime.

Arutz Sheva cites analysts as saying that Moscow’s purpose in this liaison is most likely to aid and abet Hezbollah who is an important element in Tehran’s axis of influence – leverage which spans the region, from Damascus to Beirut.

Many view the relationship between Moscow and Iran as a cold war strategy and one that has the potential to become a threat to the US and other Western powers.

Meanwhile, one of Hezbollah’s goals, in its cooperation with Moscow, is, according to As-Safir newspaper, to protect Lebanon from Israel.  Another is to address interference from the West whom they believe “undermines the resistance” and seeks to gain control of natural resources in the region.  They fail to mention, however, that the pressure exerted by the US and other countries is largely due to their listed status as that of a terrorist group and dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

In contrast to Hezbollah’s imagined role as Lebanon’s benefactor, opposition leaders in Lebanon have called on Hezbollah to disarm and disband, citing Hezbollah’s unauthorized territorial conquests and Lebanon being thrust into wars it wanted no part of as being a detriment to the country.

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